What We Are:

What Are Our Services And Specialties?

We are a fine woodworking company that specializes in custom woodworking projects such as cabinetry for all of your living spaces and free standing furniture pieces.

We hand create your dining room tables, coffee tables, buffets, credenzas kitchen islands, free standing bars and end tables.

Do you handle the project from start to finish?

Yes, every one of our woodworking projects are designed, built, finished and installed by our small team. You will speak directly with the owner and craftsman who is in charge of your project.

Do you work at my house?

No, we have our own 4000 sq ft wood shop in Rochester MI that we complete all of our projects at. There is no extra inconvenience to you and there won’t be a construction site setup in your garage or basement.

All work is completed off site and then delivered to your home for quick installation.

How long does an installation take?

Most of our installations only take 1-2 days depending on the project you order.

For furniture and free standing pieces it is just a matter of delivery and safely securing the furniture to your home if necessary.

Do You work with interior designers?

Yes, the majority of our work is a collaboration with the homeowners and interior designers of the project.

To achieve the desired result, much of the preplanning is discussed by looking at pictures and offering our expertise on the best method of completing that project.

Do You work with reclaimed wood?

Yes, we have worked with reclaimed wood and are able to restore the beauty and character in the piece for the client to enjoy for years to come.

Take advantage of our experience with many types of woods, finishes and ideas to really create a unique and customized piece for your home.

What We Are NOT:

What services do we not provide?

We are not a wood repair or refinishing service nor are we a handyman service.

We are not a furniture repair service nor a lumber yard that will remove trees or wood from your yard. We do however work with reclaimed wood for many of our clients custom projects.

Are you a cookie cutter service or big box store?

That we are NOT. Every single project is custom made in our 4000 sq ft wood shop and every piece is one of a kind.

We have never made the same cabinet twice.

Do you refinish or restore wood?

No, we do not take on projects that require the restoration or refinishing of wood.

Due to the nature of wood absorbing different oils differently and the mystery of what is under a coat of paint on wood, we are not able to guarantee a result that meets our high standard of excellence and your expectation as a client.